Traumatic injuries can happen for many different reasons; for example, they may be caused by automotive collisions, sports accidents, or mishaps in the workplace. Not only can these traumatic injuries cause harm to the body, but they can also lead to unwanted psychological effects. The good news is that resolution and repair are possible, thanks to the problem-solving surgeons at Thrive Reconstructive Surgery.

SuperGroup provides full reconstruction to patients who have been traumatically injured. We are known for our skill in resolving even the most complex cases and our passion for providing each patient with prompt and compassionate care.

Emergency Reconstruction

For patients who have experienced sudden accidents or injuries, prompt treatment is of the essence. Our practice moves at a fast pace and can provide emergency intervention at hospitals. Our reconstructive surgeons are prepared to leverage their expertise to provide expedient care for a wide range of traumatic injuries, including injuries to the hands and face, as well as injuries sustained due to burns. We welcome any inquiries about our emergency services.

Traumatic Hand Injury Reconstruction

Traumatic injuries to the hand, wrist, and forearm may lead to significant limitations in your everyday life, and in some cases, may even impede your career. At Thrive Reconstructive Surgery, our problem-solving surgeons specialize in addressing complex issues that often involve multiple reconstructive surgery procedures. We can provide full rehabilitation to hands that have been crushed or sustained extreme lacerations. We can return hands to full functionality through microsurgeries and hand therapy, as well as interventions to address nerve, tendon, bone, and muscle damage.

Facial Trauma

Facial trauma is common among those who are injured in sports accidents, car accidents, or even simple falls. Due to the centrality of the face to your overall physical appearance, any kind of lasting traumatic damage can cause a deficit in self-esteem and a host of other psychological issues. Our surgeons at Thrive Reconstructive Surgery are committed to providing expert care, even to cases that require the most delicate or advanced reconstruction. Learn more about our approach to addressing facial trauma.

Burn Reconstruction

Plastic surgery often plays an essential role in caring for patients who have sustained significant burns. Depending on the depth of the burn, our surgeons may perform a debridement, which means the removal of dead tissues and full cleaning of the wound. We also identify areas of lost tissues and aim to develop the best ways to repair or conceal the damage. Our goal is always to restore the patient to normal functionality and also to help them look and feel like their old self again.

Open Fractures to the Lower Extremities

An open fracture to one of the lower extremities may result in broken bones and damage to the surrounding soft tissue. As such, a full reconstruction requires stabilization of the bone and expert treatment for all involved tissue. The reconstructive surgeons at Thrive Reconstructive Surgery have ample experience treating patients for these injuries, through skin grafting and other methods. We welcome you to learn more about our reconstructive approach.