Surgical intervention is often a necessary step toward eradicating a disease, correcting an injury, or even saving a life. However, surgery does not always go as intended, and even the most essential treatments can leave unintended complications. If you have lost functionality or sustained any other form of post-surgical side effect, we are here to help.

Thrive Reconstructive Surgery is a team of problem-solvers able to handle even the most challenging or complex cases. This includes work addressing post-surgical complications and restoring you to your full sense of self-confidence. We invite you to learn more about our work in curing post-surgical complications.

Hardware Exposure

Many of the most common orthopedic procedures require the use of prosthetic hardware; think about prosthetic knee replacements, hip replacements, and even the screws and plates used to stabilize fractured bones. Such hardware can be highly beneficial, but it is not without risks. Specifically, the onset of infection may do significant damage to the surrounding tissues. Our reconstructive surgeons are frequently called upon to help manage infections and rebuild tissue. SuperGroup PLLC’s providers are specialists in identifying the type of reconstruction needed for complete healing.

Ventral Hernias

A ventral hernia is a protrusion of tissues through a spot of weakness in the abdominal wall muscles. Sometimes these protrusions can happen spontaneously, but more often than not, they occur at an incision site, specifically following abdominal surgery. Ventral hernias can be painful and embarrassing and often require the work of reconstructive surgeons to close them up and return the body to normal functionality. At SuperGroup, our surgeons are highly skilled in the prompt, effective treatment of even the largest ventral hernias.

Rectovaginal Fistula Repair

At Thrive Reconstructive Surgery, we pride ourselves in being problem-solvers, able to resolve even the most challenging or rare medical pathologies. One prime example is rectovaginal fistula, a condition in which a connection, or opening, is developed between the lower part of the large intestine, the rectum, and the inside of the vagina. While this condition is uncommon, it is most likely to happen as a response to abdominal or pelvic surgery, radiation treatment, or an inflammatory disease. Our team is skilled in doing the necessary repair work for this condition.

Nasal and Septal Fracture Repair

The nose is the most commonly fractured of all head and facial bones. And, when the nose is fractured, the effects can include both cosmetic damage as well as airway obstruction, potentially resulting in serious breathing impairment. For nasal fractures sustained in either traumatic or non-traumatic injuries, reconstructive surgery may be the best solution. At Thrive Reconstructive Surgery, our surgeons have the skills needed to handle even the most complex cases, returning functionality as well as a normal appearance.