Cancer has a ravaging effect on the body. Even when it is removed through life-saving medical procedures, it can leave different parts of the body in disarray, functionally as well as aesthetically. This is a problem all too common for cancer survivors. But at Thrive Reconstructive Surgery, solving problems is what we do.

Our team is proud to offer reconstructive surgery options for those whose bodies have undergone damaging medical procedures. There is no case too challenging for us to take on, and no patient whose needs are too advanced for our skilled team of providers. Our versatility and medical acumen make us the perfect problem-solvers for even the most severe post-cancer reconstruction needs.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Extreme action may be required to eliminate cancerous cells in patients afflicted with skin cancer. And in some cases, these surgical interventions may cause damage to the surrounding nerves and tissues, leading to aesthetic and functional problems. The surgeons at Thrive Reconstructive Surgery are equipped not just to address the underlying pathologies related to skin cancer but to return your body to its normal appearance and functionality. Our skin cancer reconstruction specialties include skin grafts, bone grafts, tendon grafts, and beyond.

Rectal Cancer Reconstruction

Treatment for rectal cancer may require abdominoperineal excision (APE), which refers to the surgical removal of the anus, rectum, and sigmoid colon. This can leave a significant wound that leads to a variety of complications for the patient, including intimacy issues as well as a general sense of embarrassment. Our surgical team can address this issue with the use of a skin flap. Thrive Reconstructive Surgery is one of the leading names in rectal cancer reconstruction, and we invite you to learn more about our treatment methods.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Often, effectively treating breast cancer requires the removal of cancerous tissue from the breast (lumpectomy), or in some cases removal of the breast in its entirety (mastectomy). Breast reconstruction surgery helps women who have undergone breast cancer treatments restore their breasts to a natural shape and appearance. Thrive Reconstructive Surgery offers several surgical treatments for both partial and complete breast reconstruction.